CRM: Sales Simplicity

CRM: Sales Simplicity

Sales Simplicity is an award winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform created to drive sales and marketing like nothing you've imagined. It's fast, easy to run and a joy to navigate. Automate e-leads, manage prospects, and visualize your opportunities.

Integration with Sales Simplicity means hassle-free content and automatic sales updates as you work through each sale, including:

  • Integrate lead capture directly into each map;
  • Display real-time lot information, and;
  • Update sales status for a fully automated, real-time experience to power your marketing engine.

Sell more - easier, faster and far more efficiently with Sales Simplicity + MapsPLUS.

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Sales Simplicity Software

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Streetscape PLUS

Architectural Controls: StreetscapePLUS

StreetscapePLUS is the leading platform for fast, accurate & transparent administration of architectural standards within new subdivisions everywhere. Reduce turnaround time from days to hours, trigger email & SMS alerts, view progress, exchange information and collaborate with speed and ease.

Integrate with StreetscapePLUS to easily:

  • Let buyers see what is being built on each lot > show approved homes & finishings automatically as each unit it approved;
  • Display real-time lot information, and;
  • Automatically change sales status as Architectural Approvals are complete;

Help create the most livable places on earth with StreetscapePLUS + MapsPLUS.

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Sales Simplicity Software

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