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    Replace your Static Maps
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Upgrade to Interactive Maps.

Whether you are a Marketing Executive or a Creative Agency - MapsPLUS is the fastest and most powerful way to bring the power of real-time information to your real estate website. Let's discover how.


prefer the experience of researching online


say interactive content makes you stand out


Interactive content is shared 11x more frequently than static


Interactive content is 2X more effective at converting buyers



Beautiful Themes, Robust Features: We simplify every aspect of building a custom interactive map - so you can get back to making what you love.
Maintenance of live map data can be an enormous hurdle - until now.
Static maps can require tedious updating, but interactive maps require real-time content to be relevant and engaging to users. Keeping content up-to-date can be a chore, and keeps many marketers from deploying live maps. MapsPLUS removes the obstacle with a series of options to help you get back to work, and free you from constant map admin.
  • Data Feed

    No matter which CRM, ERP or location database you currently use - MapsPLUS can accept a live data feed through our web services. When data changes, MapsPLUS can update instantly across every device. For more - see Integration.

  • Excel Upload

    If you maintain your lot, unit or asset data in Excel, MapsPLUS gives you a quick and efficient upload tool.

  • Web-based Content Manager

    In cases where it makes sense to update map location status directly, MapsPLUS provides a robust content manager to quickly make changes on the fly. Multiple groups can collaborate to keep audience information timely and relevant.

MapsPLUS makes use of the popular Google Maps® base map platform to provide users with a familiar and rich user experience.
Let your audience experience being on the ground from anywhere in the world.
  • An Immersive local experience

    Help them see & feel the world around you - with Google's immense content library of local photos, video, Streetview images, satellite & 3D imagery - alongside your curated photo, video & rendered content.

    Visitors will identify and relate to your location by exploring familiar local landmarks and geographic features.

  • You choose the features

    With a simple point-and-click, we let you choose which Google® Maps content to include, and how it appears. Let your viewers pan & zoom only within a 10 mile radius? No problem.

Any device, any platform - right out of the box.
Designed to work perfectly on every device, MapsPLUS lets you make a striking first impression anywhere.
  • Don't miss 50% of your market

    According to the data, 56% of online content is now consumed via smartphones (44%) and tablets (12%) while just 44% is consumed on desktop computers. Obsolete Flash®, downloadable PDF documents or other static maps leave mobile users in the dark.

  • Let us stay on top of change

    Devices, browsers and technology are constantly changing. Let MapsPLUS drive your map solution to ensure your audience can always connect.

Whether you are a business user, front-end designer or code slinger, MapsPLUS gives you a simple set of tools to configure and install your custom map with ease.
MapsPLUS was designed to be convenient. You can create a custom map quickly & easily, without sacrificing the freedom of creative expression or the power of a full-scale integration.
  • Plugin to your website

    Once you've created your map, install our JavaScript Plugin on your website with a simple copy & paste of our code block. Map data will update automatically from Live Sync.

  • Beginners welcome

    Use our point and click interface to style, format & design your unique map. No coding necessary.

  • For Designers & Creatives

    We love creatives. Although MapsPLUS is easy to implement - we know you want to express your unique creative vision for your map. Check out the For Creatives resources and our Live Showcase to get an idea of all that you can do. You won't be disappointed.

Design a map to call your own.
MapsPLUS allows you to customize the presentation of your map. You'll have the option to change the visual display of such elements as roads & parks in addition to information panels & components.
  • Style

    • Use our point and click interface to style, format & design your unique map.
    • Define the center of the map and the starting zoom level.
    • Customize the colours and presentation of the base map, creative overlay, polygons and markers.
    • No coding necessary. Advanced users can edit the CSS directly
  • Content

    • Incorporate your own map overlays at one or more zoom levels.
    • Create as many lots, units or geographic assets as needed.
    • Assign and manage a STATUS associated with one.
    • Integrate custom interactive info box content.
    See our Live Showcase for many examples of what's possible.
  • Content Integration

    Once you've pasted our <code block> onto your website, use our API to incorporate your database content for a robust map and seamless user experience. See our Platform Integrations and For Creatives resources for more details.

MapsPLUS integrates with the applications & web services you already use, so you can easily incorporate content from other sources to super power your map.
Once you've pasted our <code block> onto your website, use our API to incorporate your database content for a robust map and seamless user experience.
  • Link to your existing data

    MapsPLUS accepts live data from your organizations existing data platforms using simple, powerful, and secure application programming interfaces. There is no need to duplicate or manually update information. We plugin directly to any application that supports web services.

    Integrate MapsPLUS with your organization's CRM, SFA or ERP, deliver real-time information to your audience and company portals, and populate critical business systems with customer information.

    Extend MapsPLUS in presentation, business logic, and data services with new functionality that reflects the business requirements of your organization.

    For more information about MapsPLUS developer resources go to For Creatives.


Whether you self-serve or use our managed services, MapsPLUS implementation is as easy as 1-2-3.


To maximize interest - you can use a custom map overlay. Use an existing map or have us design one from AutoCAD, EPS or virtually any format.


Choose your map format, colours, style and features with point-and-click configuration. Download the starter code.


Paste our code block onto your website. Power users can edit the CSS, JavaScript and integrate custom content & data feeds via our API.


Want Us to Do it For You? You can self-serve or take advantage of our years of experience through MapsPLUS Creative & Managed services.


Give your maps pizaaz!

We can convert AutoCAD or Illustrator maps of any kind into stunning custom overlays. Our artists have years of experience in map design to bring your project to life in a way that is highly readable, engaging and uniquely yours.

Map Design

Craft a user experience

We can play a central role in helping you to choose a map layout & design, as well as additional features like custom filters, icons, media to print, & social settings to present your project in a clear and compelling light.

Agency Support

We are here to help.

For creative agencies looking to implement interactive map content on behalf of their clients we provide a full suite of documentation & access to our implementation helpdesk. Check out our 'For Creatives' section for details.



We love working with Creative Agencies to design & deploy amazing maps for clients. Take a look at what MapsPLUS can offer you and your client, or contact us directly for a robust demonstration of what's possible when we work together!

10 Great Reasons

No need to reinvent the wheel or look elsewhere - check out The 10 best reasons to use MapsPLUS.

Our API: Documentation

The MapsPLUS platform comprises a data-driven back-end along with powerful jQuery map plugin based on Based on HTML5 - CSS3 - jQuery - Google Maps API V3. To implement & integrate - check out our Documentation.

Agency Support Hotline

If you're having any problems getting the code to play nice - let us know. We're here to make your life easier. Reach out through our Help Centre.


Want Us to Do It For You?

We are map designers, artists & developers. We built MapsPLUS to help you publish interactive maps more quickly and easily, but if you'd like to collaborate with us - we'd love to help you. We've designed maps and created interactive mapping tools for clients over the past 2 decades. If you'd like to know more about our firm - we are E2 + Associates.

Get in Touch

The best way to contact us is either by email, through our contact form or by grabbing the phone and calling Sean Young at 1 (888) 443-7446.



Make MapsPLUS your own. Change the color of the website below or visit our style gallery or live showcase to explore the possibilities.